CASA CLIMA: Wood windows Comfort80 - Cat. CLASS A

The quality and high performance windows and doors are essential components for energy saving and for the proper thermal and acoustic insulation of a building. The quality of window and doors frames is subject to the EN 14351-1 product standard and to the CE marking, which establishes their compliance with the European standards. Furthermore, the important seal FinestraQualità CasaClima guarantees that the product, installed by skilled professionals, meets the technical requirements of high quality certified http://www.agenziacasaclima.it

ARCA: Wood windows Clima92 Coplanar - Cat. GOLD PLUS

ARCA certified wood products must possess high levels of performance, carried out through specific laboratory tests, and must comply with the strict standards defined in the ARCA Technical Regulations. The ARCA-certified wooden windows and doors are able to guarantee an important contribution to obtain buildings that are performing in terms of energy, acoustics and environmental sustainability. In particular the windows, doors and the X-Lam ARCA panels can contribute to obtain excellent levels in the ARCA certification of buildings, raised areas or wooden expansions. http://www.arcacert.com/


The Posa Clima Partner certificate guarantees that the frame will be laid down by using high-tech and high-performance material by highly trained and qualified professionals. The window will therefore guarantee the thermal and acoustic performance indicated by the company for high energy savings and maximum living comfort. http://www.posaclima.it/


Alpilegno offers a 10-year warranty on wooden windows, 7 years for external blackout screens (dark, shutters, etc.) in conditions of maximum exposure, without any maintenance for both opaque and etched painting.


Our products are all CE certified according to the relevant standards. The CE marking guarantees compliance with the health and safety requirements, required by European Union regulations and standards.


PEFC certificate guarantees that the Company owns and uses the security mechanisms necessary to track certified products within the production process. The Chain of Custody (in English CoC - Chain of Custody) is a traceability system used for all stages of processing and distribution of wood and requires that no wood used comes from controversial sources (eg: illegal abatement or protected areas). The PEFC Chain of Custody certificate (which is also called CoC certification) is essential condition for a company that wants to use the PEFC logo on its products made with PEFC certified raw material. www.pefc.it

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certification represents the international standard for the Quality Management System.


SOA Certification is a mandatory certificate that proves the economic and technical capacity of a company to qualify for the execution of public tenders.