Shading systems

Wood and aluminium shutters

Alpilegno uses top grade wood to produce high quality shutters. The wide range of products is designed to meet all functional and aesthetic needs, ensuring maximum protection of the windows from light, rain and wind.
Clean-cut stylish shutters which blend in perfectly with (even) the exterior architecture of the most contemporary style buildings.
The type of wood and its grain, the wood stains and finishes make each shutter unique, both with open or closed slats, angled, adjustable, mirrored or panelled.
The consultancy and technical assistance centre supports all architects, designers and final users in making the best choice for their requirements.
All shutters are certified to technical class 6 (UNI EN 13659:2009), which guarantees maximum resistance to wind, and class 2 (UNI EN 13527:2001), which corresponds to the best possible results in terms of activation force.

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Sun blinds

Alpilegno offers a wide range of solutions, from the classic roller shutter to the most particular product such as anti-intrusion.
Aluminum, steel or PVC profiles, various colors, solid color or wood effect, with rope or motorized movement

Sun screenings

Sun screenings, inside the windows, with aluminum adjustable blades, eventually connected to the home automation system.


Alpilegno offers clients long-standing experience in the installation of made-to-measure stairs according to the needs of private individuals, architects and designers.

The selection of materials is the pre-requisite to achieve a robust product, resistant to wear and atmospheric elements. Here the craftsmanship of Alpilegno is combined with personalized design and appearance.
Each staircase is unique and takes form inside the home on a highly personalized level.
Thanks to the use of numerical control machines such as modern pantographs, the company can produce staircases for interiors which meet the logistic needs of various applications, with optimal use of space.
The care for detail, combination of colors, etching and patterns developed for each product make our staircases precious interior furnishing accessories that blend functionality with style.
There are infinite options of indoor staircases available in various combinations of materials. The parapet can be in wood, steel, glass or wrought iron.
The steps can be enhanced with inserts in marble or granite, or with led lighting.
The outdoor steps are produced in larch, the most resistant wood to atmospheric elements, treated with environmentally friendly products which preserve its properties over time in full respect of the environment.