Clima 92 Coplanar

Last generation collection of windows collection, attested Arca “Gold Plus”, with fixed frame section of 120 mm and with movable frame of 92 mm coplanar to the façade. The lower-tier has a higher of 25 mm and is made up by two parts: the external in aluminum to increase the lifetime, the internal in particular plastic material to guarantee the perfect thermal-break.

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Frame section and Leaf (mm) mm 112x78 - 92x83
Number of leafs 2
Number of seals 3
Air permeability Class 4
Global thermal transmittance of window Uw with thermal transmittance of glass Ug. 0.6 W/(m²K) – thickness 54 mm Window: glass 44.1 sound–16Ar-6-16Ar-44.1 sound Low-E warm edge Extra soft wood Soft wood 0.89 0.93
French window: Glass 33.1-18Ar-4-20Ar33.1 Low-E warm edge Extra soft wood Soft wood 0.87 0.91
Sound insulation (dB) “RW” sound insulation = 47 44dB
Water tightness Window French window Class 9A Class 6A
Resistance to wind load Window French window Class C5 Class C4
Load bearing capacity of safety devices 350 N