Collection of wooden-aluminum windows produced with natural and completely recyclable materials. These products blend the warmth of wooden frames on the inside with optimal protection against atmospheric elements on the outside, thanks to the external aluminium profile. Thermal and sound insulation is guaranteed by the glazing using panes of different thicknesses and four seals.
The internal wooden profile features a modern design and can be personalized with wood types or finishes as required, while the external aluminum profile can have a more traditional style with rounded edges or more contemporary with squared off edges.

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Frame section and Leaf (mm) mm 82x90 - 95x83
Number of leafs 2
Number of seals 4
Air permeability Class 4
Global thermal transmittance of window Uw with thermal transmittance of glass Ug. 1.1 W/(m²K) – thickness 28 mm Window: glass 4-18Ar-33.1 Low-E warm edge Extra soft wood Soft wood 1.32 1.37
French window: Glass 33.1-18Ar-4-20Ar33.1 Low-E warm edge Extra soft wood Soft wood 1.30 1.34
Water tightness Window French window Class 9A Class 8A
Resistance to wind load Window and French window Class C3
Load bearing capacity of safety devices 350 N