Radiant windows

Eternity Top Radiant is an exclusive last generation window that heats the interior of a home.

Advantages and benefits

Energy Saving
Il vetro radiante consente un risparmio di energia in quanto è sufficiente una temperatura inferiore per avere il medesimo comfort del locale.

Savings in the cost of heating
The thermal yield is close to 100% because all the heat produced is diffused inside the room without waste. The reaction times are extremely short: from just a few minutes from the ignition, you can enjoy a pleasant feeling of warmth: the radiant panels heat only where you need to serve without heat loss, reducing the heating bill up to 30%.

No maintenance costs and easy cleaning

A limitation of traditional heating systems is the dust that accumulates in the radiators and which continuously circulates in the air. Thanks to Alpilegno this problem does not exist anymore: just a common cloth to dust and the radiating surface is perfectly clean.

Health and environmental sustainability

The radiant heating from the windows on the skin translates into an immediate feeling of well-being. The heat stimulates and increases blood circulation and cell metabolism. Furthermore, there is no lifting of dust, pollen and dust mites. Radiant windows are perfect for people who have problems with the respiratory tract, and suffers from asthma or allergies.

No noise and zero electromagnetic emission, is more effective, physiological and correct with the human organism.

A zero emission heating. Alpilegno radiant windows do not emit fine particles, fumes and CO2 in the air.