windows and doors from the WoodAluminium series



The interior beauty of wood and exterior durability of aluminium in a single solution with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

Unit composed of fixed frame and moving frame, 120 mm thick, with quadruple closure and four seals, equipped with exterior aluminium profile casing featuring open joints, fastened to the wood using clips with a 5 mm gap to guarantee proper air circulation and free expansion of materials.
Exterior aluminium coating available in a wide range of finishes, including faux wood and matt RAL colours.
54-mm thick triple glazing with perimeter seal.

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Frame cross-section mm 103/112 x 97

Window-panel cross-section mm 120 x 86

Number of seals 4

Thermal transmittance:

Glass Ug value 0.5 W/(m²K) at 54 mm thick

Window Glass 4-20Ar-4-20Ar-33.1 Low-E warm edge

1 panel Virtual dimensions 1000 x 1480 mm

Extra-softwood 0,88

Softwood 0,92

Semi-hardwood 0,98

Hardwood 1,00

2 panels Virtual dimensions 1230 x 1480 mm

Extra-softwood 0,94

Softwood 0,98

Semi-hardwood 1,00

Hardwood 1,10

French window Glass 33.1-20Ar-4-18Ar-33.1 Low-E warm edge

1 panel Virtual dimensions 1000 x 2180 mm

Extra-softwood 0,85

Softwood 0,89

Semi-hardwood 0,94

Hardwood 0,97

2 panels Virtual dimensions 1480 x 2180 mm

Extra-softwood 0,86

Softwood 0,90

Semi-hardwood 0,96

Hardwood 0,99

Air permeability (window and French window) Class 4


Window Class 9A

French window Class 7A

Wind resistance

Window Class C4

French window Class C4