Design with Alpilegno

We are the ideal partner for your projects, supporting you in the creation of solutions and details to optimise your design. With a comprehensive catalogue of wooden and wooden-aluminium windows and doors, we can meet any aesthetic and technical requirements, from restoration work in traditional styles to contemporary architecture. Great aesthetics and durability are also guaranteed for the design, production and installation of solutions with large dimensions, our flagship products, including curtain walls and full-glass features. We work with you, designing details and special custom features to offer the perfect, tailor-made solution for your project.

Project and worksite consulting

Our technical personnel offer you support when you need it, from detailed drawings and installation plans to expert assistance on the worksite

and installation solutions

If required for the successful outcome of an order, we work on customised solutions and details that transform an excellent design into an excellent result

high-quality products
and processes

Based in Trentino, Italy, we produce premium windows and doors with cutting-edge features and an artisan touch, starting with the selection of the best raw materials

designed, created, installed

We create projects, drawing on our experience and solutions, from the final design right through to installation. We provide windows and doors but also much more, with constructive and fruitful collaboration between designer and supplier.


We design the solution together enhancing your project and every detail


We produce a wide range of windows and doors that can be customized with special finishes and accessories


We carry out installation following best practices, using carefully controlled processes and certified installers


We support the end customer with finishes and maintenance, also after installation is complete

design with us

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