front doors

Alpilegno offers a wide range of wooden or wooden-aluminium front doors. They are robust, thermally and acoustically insulated products that guarantee the security of the building with premium designs.
Exterior front doors are for commercial and residential use.
Doors feature internal materials that guarantee outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation, stability and durability.

contemporary lines

Solid front doors created using engineered wood to guarantee outstanding stability and durability. Inside, the double aluminium sheet serves as a vapour barrier, while insulation is guaranteed by a layer of ultra-compressed 100% Italian cork.
The exterior finish uses fine veneering that can be chosen in a range of different timbers.

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traditional range

Front doors with door panel featuring glazed elements and solid elements to be selected from the various compositions using smooth or cut panels and double glazing with various options.
The thickness of the panel and glazing can be either 30 mm or 54 mm, depending on the thickness of the unit and thermal and acoustic performance desired.

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