windows and doors from the Wood series

LK92 ALPE plan

LK92 ALPE plan
LK92 ALPE plan

The traditional and rustic beauty of wood is combined with high-performance thermal and acoustic insulation in a version with thicker interior frame so that it is aligned with the panel.

Unit composed of 112-mm fixed frame and 92-mm moving frame with triple-sealing-level profile and three seals, equipped with concealed fittings.
54-mm thick triple glazing mm with perimeter seal, held in the panel with a system of clips and screws hidden by internal glazing beads for optimal security and a very clean look.
Sash bars made to measure and moulded glazing beads.
Bottom of the unit features inclined drainage and exterior horizontal milled drip-free edge.

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Frame cross-section mm 92 x 84

Window-panel cross-section mm 92 x 82

Number of seals 3

Thermal transmittance:

Glass Ug value 0.5 W/(m²K) thickness 54 mm

Window Glass 4-20Ar-4-20Ar-33.1 Low-E warm edge

1 panel Virtual dimensions 1000 x 1480 mm

Extra-softwood 0,81

Softwood 0,85

Semi-hardwood 0,95

Hardwood 0,95

2 panels Virtual dimensions 1540 x 1480 mm

Extra-softwood 0,89

Softwood 0,94

Semi-hardwood 0,94

Hardwood 0,98

French window Glass 33.1-20Ar-4-18Ar-33.1 Low-E warm edge

1 panel Virtual dimensions 1000 x 2180 mm

Extra-softwood 0,76

Softwood 0,80

Semi-hardwood 0,88

Hardwood 0,88

2 panels Virtual dimensions 1540 x 2725 mm

Extra-softwood 0,85

Softwood 0,90

Semi-hardwood 0,90

Hardwood 0,93

Air permeability (window and French window) Class 4


Window Class 9A

French window Class 6A

Wind resistance

Window Class C4

French window Class C4

Load capacity of safety devices 350 N